A collection of logos created over the years.

Logo for garage pop band "Tv Dinners" a handwritten approach was taken in order to reflect the style of music
Tv Dinners logo used over a promotional image prior to becoming a 3-piece band. 
Logo for the rock band "Airwaves." This logo acted as a secondary logo reading out the full name, compared to their more graphic, geometric logo. The sketchy look was requested by the band and created using a brush tip marker. 
Logo for a made up Museum as part of a University project
Gig Derp Gallery logo in context
Logo for the non-profit organisation "Fresh Entertainment." Main applications include: Profile pictures for emails and social media, pocket logo tshirts and smaller scale on the bottom of flyers. 
Logo for the secondhand clothing store "ReLoved." The logo was to be placed over frosted glass on the window of the shop.
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